I did it!

May 9, 2009

After MUCH encouragement (and Sara taking the initiative to set me up), here I am.  Just me and an empty blog.  I don’t yet know where I’ll go with this, but so many have asked for my input on deals.  I have such a passion for being frugal, and I love to share it with my friends.  That is what this blog is all about.  I don’t promise regular features or perfect matchups.  However, when I spot a great deal, I’ll pass it along to you.  Please remember one thing… comments keep a blogger going!



  1. Allow me to be your first comment – now I don’t have to bug you with where you found your deals : )

  2. YEA! YIPPEE!! I have added you to my favorites!

  3. Kate,

    I am so happy about your new blog! It is going to be so awesome.

  4. you should start a facebook group too with this. very cool just ordered my free chocolate

  5. totally agree about the FB page…you (like myself) are on there all the time…might as well post the info there too…I would definatly “become a fan” 🙂

  6. YAY YOU! I’m glad you’re doing this!

  7. Way to go Kate! Look how many you already have behind you. Have a great Mother’s Day!

  8. Yea, Kate! I’ve added you to my toolbar, so I can check back often (otherwise, I’d forget!). Keep it goin, I’ll be watchin and adding comments!

  9. I’m SOOOOO excited!! This is great and I (as I’m sure everyone as well) really appreciate the benefit of all your couponing. Thank you, Kate!!

  10. I’m SOOOOO excited! This is great and I (and I’m sure everyone else as well) really appreciate getting the benefit of your couponing. Thank you, Kate!!

  11. way to go, Koupon Kate!! I am so excited for this new adventure for you and the awesome savings opportunities for me! keep using the gifts God has given you–

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