This week’s coupons

May 9, 2009

*It’s Sunday morning now and I got my paper.  The coupons were even better than I thought!  The French’s coupon is 75 cents!  And there were other great ones too!


Just a heads up that you may want to pick up a couple papers this week.  The coupons are really good!  Remember that you can get them already today at many Dollar Stores.  Here are a few coupons that stood out to me…

$2 off A1 steak sauce or marinade (these were $1 at Meijer this week, so if you get your paper tonight, it’s not too late)

50 cents off French’s mustard (this time of the year they should be about $1 or less on sale)

$1.50 off Kraft salad dressing (It’s back!  Jewel has this on sale through May 17 for $1.67!)

$1 off Sweet Baby Ray’s Grilling Sauce or Dipping Sauce

$1 off Better Crocker Cupcake Icing (Could be free with a good sale)

Check out the rest of the coupons at www.taylortownpreview.com


One comment

  1. kate- is there anywhere to get a paper if you didn’t pick on up on sunday. I forgot with the hustle and bustle of mothers day. Just let me know thatnks!

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