And the high value coupons keep rolling in!

May 11, 2009

Oh. My. Goodness!  You must visit www.coupons.com asap!  Today, they rolled out a ton of new Kraft coupons.  Remember, you can print two of each coupon (per computer).  Also, if you haven’t used coupons.com yet, it will prompt you to install the coupon printer.  Do it.  It’s safe, and you’ll need it for coupon printing in the future.  Here are some of my favorites and how you can use them for free/almost free stuff…

$1 off Kraft BBQ sauce… this time of the year, this stuff is often $1 on sale.  The regular price at Target and WalMart is around $1 too.  FREE!

$1/2 Oscar Meyer hot dogs… combine this with the coupon at www.meijermealbox.com for $1/2 also to get 2 packs for 25 cents each this week at Meijer!

$1 Miracle Whip & $1 off Kraft Mayo… combine these with the $1 coupon at www.meijermealbox.com to get them FREE this week at Meijer (they’re on sale for $2)

$1 off Triscuits

$1 off Wheat Thins

$1 off Kraft salad dressing… it’s not the $1.50 coupon from the paper, but it will still make for cheap salad dressing.  It’s on sale at Jewel for $1.67 and it’s on roll back at WalMart for $1.58 right now.

$1 off Jack’s pizza… not the most gourmet frozen pizza in the world, but we use them when we have a babysitter.  They’re often on sale for around $2.50

$1/2 Philly Cream Cheese… look for these to be on sale around $1

Call me a dork, but I cannot WAIT to get to Meijer this week!  Between this weekend’s paper and today’s coupons.com finds, I’m in coupon excitement overload!


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