Cheap Strawberries

May 14, 2009

Julie told me that strawberries are 99 cents/lb at Aldi this week.  I also saw them at Walts for $1.49.  Last year, when organic strawberries were 99 cents/lb, I bought about 25 lbs and made jam 🙂



  1. Got strawberries at Walts, they were fantastic!

  2. sounds like a deal to me. We will pick strawberries this year and make jam also, however sometimes they are cheaper in the stores. However you don’t get the fun of picking them though!

  3. also kate can you email me your jam recipe. It probably doesn’t have as much sugars in it as my mother in laws does and thats the one we use!

    • I use the one on the low-sugar sure gel packet

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