Meijer Deals

May 18, 2009

Here’s what looks good to me at Meijer this week.  MORE freebies!  And if you don’t get the paper yet (you should!), many of these deals can be done entirely with printable coupons!

Corn on the cob… 19 cents each

DanActive Yogurt Drink 4-packs… $2 ($1 Q from recent insert=$1)

Jack’s Pizza… 2/$5 ($1/2 Q from coupons.com=$2 each)

Wheat Thins, Triscuits… $1.67 ($1 Q from coupons.com=67 cents each!  AND when you buy 2 Wheat Thins, you’ll get  a register coupon for a FREE Crystal Light!!! How many times you going to do this Carli?)

Jello… 50 cents ($1/3 Q from coupons.com PLUS stack with 50cents/5 Meijer Mealbox Q=6 jellos for 50 cents!)

Ortega Taco Seasoning… 25 % off… should be around 50 cents (75 cents/2 Q from recent insert PLUS $1/4 Meijer mealbox Q=POSSIBLY FREE!)

A1 Steak Sauce… $2.99 ($2 Q from recent insert or $1 Q at coupons.com PLUS $1/2 Meijer mealbox Q=99 cents or FREE when you buy 2)

Ragu Pasta Sauce… $1.50 (30 cent Q from recent insert PLUS $1/2 Meijer Mealbox Q=70 cents each when you buy 2)

Sweet Baby Ray’s Marinade or Dipping Sauce… 99 cents ($1 Q from last week’s paper=FREE)

Kraft Singles… 50% off, should be around $1.94 ($1/2 Q from coupons.com PLUS $1/2 Meijer mealbox Q=around 94 cents each!)


One comment

  1. OK Kate!
    I did go to Meijer today – Checked out 3 times – rec’d 3 free Crystal Light Coupons – That’s amazing.
    OK – Here are some good deals!

    First Transaction:
    2 boxes of Wheat Thins – 1.67 Each – used 2 – $1 Coupons – Total of 1.34 – plus a catalina for free Crystal Light – worth up to 3.99 – I think (didn’t look it too closely).

    Second Transaction:
    This was really good!
    In yesterday’s paper was a coupon for buy a box of Ritz – get a Box of Wheat Thins Free.
    So – Ritz $2.50 – Used $1 Coupon and $1 Meijer Coupon = 50 cents.
    Then 1 box of Wheat Thins = Free.
    Then 2nd box of Wheat Thins – 1.67 with $1 Coupon = 67 cents.
    So Total OOP is $1.17 for 3 boxes of crackers and rec’d a Catalina for Crystal Light again – That is a good deal.

    Then – of course – I checked out a third time.
    Bought 2 more Wheat Thins = Another Catalina for Crystal Light.
    Did the A1 – 2 bottles for Free.
    Bought 5 Baby Rays – 2 Marinades and 3 Dipping Sauces – All FREE!

    OH!!!!! Bought 14 Kraft Singles – They are $1.59 – $22.26 – Used $7 Meijer Coupons and $7 Total of Printable Coupons. Total $8.26 for 14 Packages of Cheese OR 59 Cents EACH!

    Then bought 4 Ragu Sauces – Used 2 Meijer Coupons – $1/2 – Total $2 Off. Then used from yesterday’s paper $1/2 and 60 Cents off one. They rang up $1.44 Each – With the Coupons – Paid OOP for Each 54 CENTS. Good Deal!

    Did the Ortega as listed above – I think I made something like 40 cents for that transaction.

    Happy Shopping!

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