Cheap Soda at Stracks

May 19, 2009

Julie left a comment that through tomorrow only, 12-packs of Pepsi products are 5/$9 at Stracks.  You must buy 5.  That is insanely cheap for cans of soda, is it not?  You’ll be needing those for all the summer grilling you’ll be doing with all that ketchup, dipping sauce, buns, etc. that you stocked up on!



  1. That sale is continuing thru Wed, May 27!!!!

  2. I’ve got another Strack’s comment for ya!
    I went today and used my Oscar Mayer hot dogs for 59 cents coupon (a Strack’s one) with my $1.00 off 1 Kraft Coupon (from the quarterly magazine they send in the mail)! So, it was FREE and then some!

    THEN, I got the Kraft American Cheese singles for 99cents, and used a printable coupon for two packs, making them 50 cents each! Cheaper than the Meijer rate!!

    I don’t have this success on my own often, so WOO HOO ME!!! 🙂 I believe the hotdogs end today (at 59 cents), Sunday the 24th, but the Kraft singles go on until Wed.

    Enjoy! (oh, and you can freeze the cheese singles, in case you might not have known…hot dogs too, obviously!)

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