Huggies Deal at Babies R Us

May 22, 2009

Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers - Size 1 - Kimberly Clark Corp.  - Babies"R"Us

Today through Monday, Huggies Diapers, PullUps, and GoodNites have an instant savings of $5 off Mega and Jumbo packs.  Keep in mind, the cheapest way to get diapers is always to get the smallest pack on sale and with a coupon (cheaper than Sam’s or Costco).

The online price for the Jumbo pack of Pure & Natural diapers is $11.99.  I’m not sure what it is in stores, but even if it was $11.99, that’s $9.49… after your $3 coupon from recent papers, $6.49 is pretty good for a pack of Huggies.



  1. right now it looks like they are only taking 5 dollers off 1 not all of them

  2. So do it again 🙂

  3. Hi Kate! Luv your blog,,,no complaints here. How do I get coupons for babies r us? Also, do you know if there are any good coupons or deals on baby formula? Just wondering. Thanks Bev.

    • Bev,

      After you register at Babie R Us, you’ll start getting their coupons. As for the formula, decide which you like (We really liked Nestle GoodStart. It’s easy on their tummies, and a little cheaper than others) then register at their website, and they’ll start sending you “checks” for money off. Then register everyone you know too so they can give them to you 🙂 Combine those with a sale. For the deals on formula each week, check out http://www.babycheapskate.com

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