Cheap Fruit!

May 25, 2009

Julie left this comment for me today, and I thought I’d share…

Hey, I was just at the fruit market just a block south on Taft at Rte 30….blue & white striped tent.

They’re almost giving away strawberries & bananas (the bananas are mostly to the ripeness for banana bread making) and the strawberries are perfect.

The strawberries are selling for $5.00 per flat (8–1# containers aka a quart).  I was just going to pick up 2 containers for 1.50, and the guy said he’d sell me a flat for $4.00.  When I said I didn’t think my family could finish it before they went bad, he said $3.00.  Well, for $3.00, I figured I could keep a few fresh and freeze the rest.  YES PEOPLE, that’s $3.00 for 8 containers of strawberries.  RIDICULOUS!

Then he asked me if I wanted bananas.  I had to say no, because I’m not a big banana bread maker (don’t like it), but I thought he said $1.00 for a big bunch….or as much as I want….I don’t exactly know, but I know they have a lot that they’re trying to sell before they go bad and are no good to anyone.

SO, GET OVER THERE TODAY IF YOU CAN!!!  The strawberries are very sweet, so, at great ripeness!  

They take cash or check….I don’t think they take credit card….not positive on that, so be prepared.


One comment

  1. I’ve heard great stuff about that place. Thanks for sharing!

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