Tis the Season!

May 29, 2009

I LOVE garage sale season!  Check out what I got today for $23!


5 shirts

3 dresses

1 pair of shorts

1 pair of Spiderman snow boots

1 Elmo potty (in pristine cleanliness, because her son trained in 2 hours… show off!)

1 talking cat

3 Dora/Care Bears/My Little Pony DVDS

4 books, including a musical one

2 puzzles

1 Cheer Bear costume

1 Little People Airplane w/ 3 people (All for 75 cents!)

1 Hello Kitty basket

1 Hello Kitty coinpurse (Belle insisted!)

1 Large Ziploc full of Lincoln Logs

1 bag of knights with a Schleich horse (the horse alone sells for about $12!)

I figure I saved about 95% off retail for all this loot.  Yippee!

If you are interested…

Castleview has their subdivision garage sales tomorrow (Saturday)

Castlewood has their subdivision garage sales next weekend


One comment

  1. Kate, I could have saved you some money….have the little people plane with all the people and some of those books….would have given them to you!

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