Supercheap Supercute Hair Dryer

June 1, 2009



This supercute hairdryer is advertised at Walgreens this week for $19.99, with $10 RR back.  It rings up at $12.99 though, and you get the $10 RR!  My net after taxes was $3.90 for this supercute hairdryer!  The Wags at 30 and Calumet had at least 10 of them.  Anyone you could give this to for Christmas?  If you do it more than once, remember 2 things… do it in separate transactions, and do not use the RR from the first transaction to pay for the second transaction, or the new RR will not print.  Leave a comment if you do this deal!

Thanks Mercedes for the heads up on this great deal!



  1. I did it! I told Mia she could have it when she gets bigger (unless mine breaks first). I usually always have a back-up hair dryer in the house. I have had it happen too many times – getting ready for something big – like a wedding (and of course running late) and my hairdryer stops working.
    So I was very happy about the deal. Should I do it more than once?

  2. Got anyone you could give it to for Christmas?

  3. I did it too! Bought the last one at 30 & 41 yeah for me!!

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