Crystal Light CRAZINESS!

June 2, 2009

If you read my Meijer deals this week, you saw the awesome Crystal Light Deal.  Well, it has just gotten sweeter!!!  Okay, stick with me here people…

Crystal Light On the Go packs are $2.99

Buy 2, get a FREE 24-pack of Meijer water

Use $1/1 or $2/2 Crystal Light coupon here, here, or here

ALSO, use $1 Meijer Mealbox coupon for each available here

You can ALSO add on a FREE Crystal Light Skin Essentials with the Buy 2 Crystal Light, Get one Free Skin Essentials coupon available here

AND when you buy 4 Crystal Light On the Go in one transaction, you get a coupon for $2 on your next order.

Here’s what to do…

Get 4 Crystal Light On the Go

Get 2 Crystal Light Skin Essentials

Get 2 24-packs of Meijer water

Use 4 $1 Manufacturer coupons and 4 $1 Mealbox coupons

Use 2 Free Skin Essentials coupons

Get $2 OYNO coupon back

Pay  $1.98 for ALL OF IT!!!



  1. Kate – Good Job! I had it written down the same way. I just haven’t made it there yet! That is a good deal.

  2. And Kate:
    You can actually make the deal better – Because – when the Crystal Light Q’s first came out – they were buy ONE crystal light product – get 1 skin essential free – so you can get 4 Crystal Light Skin Essentials Free.
    But I do have a question – I read that maybe the Skin Essentials was also triggering free waters – do you know? B/C that would then mean 4 things of free water! Do you think?

  3. Kate, is the last link right? I don’t see the coupon for the free skin essentials.

  4. I think that the skin essentials coupon is gone. I just tried to get it (or should I say more) and it is not there anymore.
    And went back tonight to Meijer for more (I have 13 cases of water in my gargage! :)!). I had a great register lady who let me check out 4 times tonight (I did ask first though).
    FYI – This skin essentials triggers the free water; however, the $2 OYNO catalina is not triggered.

  5. I could only print the Free Skin Essentials coupon once from Kraft and couldn’t find it on the other page. Can I copy the one I printed from Kraft?

    And how do you get the free water, is that in the ad or need another coupon?

    • Some of the websites did drop the Skin Essentials coupon. You should be able to print two from Kraft. NO COPYING! That’s coupon fraud 🙂

  6. Thanks Kate! Went there today and got the deal! Even shared it with a lady standing there looking at all the Crystal Light! The Crystal Light is going fast and it’s all messed up! That was today, Wed, around 1 ish.

  7. Hey, I did this and it didnt’ give me the $2 off my next order. It only gave me 2 coupons for $2 off Benefiber. Don’t need that! Do you know if I can take the receipt to customer service?

    • Yes!  Absolutely take the receipt to customer service.  I got a Catalina saying there would be $2 off OYNO when you buy 4 Crystal Light thru June 11.  Tell them it didn’t print.  Incidentally, that happened to me the last time I did it too!  (Still a good deal!)

  8. OK – Just got home from Meijer tonight again – I was a little nervous going as my sister-in-law and my friend both didn’t have their catalina’s print for them today (However, they both went to customer service and both of them got $6 dollars back from customer service). But – None the less went (how can I resist!)
    Checked out 3 times – Catalina’s printed fine each time. I did go to a lane with a cashier though (same as last night).
    So I now have 20 cases of water (that is 480 bottles of water) and ~ 43 boxes of Crystal Light – that is 430 packets to go along with my 480 bottles! :)!
    I found this girl that worked there that really didn’t want to help me, but also wasn’t her personality to say no either – went in the back and found me two boxes of the skin essentials – she said they were laying under some boxes – how lucky is that! That kind of stuff never happens to me.
    Also – during my second order tonight – one of the boxes of White Grape On the Go – rang up @ $2.50 (versus 2.99) – but I had 2 other white grapes in the order that both rang up $2.99 – this one had 14 packets in the box versus 10 – crazy. It looked just like all the other boxes. But it didn’t trigger my water coming off or take the Meijer coupon – so my awesome male cashier – just deleted it and rang up one of the others – then life was all back in order.
    I think that I am glad to say that I do not have any more Crystal Light Coupons left – I am tired. But the deal is too good to pass up.
    With the Skin Essential Coupons – You get 6 boxes of Crystal Light AND 3 Cases of Water all for OOP expense of $1.96. That is absurd.

    • I’ll come by this summer if we’re thirsty 🙂

      • I’ll plan on it!

  9. I need Meijer! We have some pretty crummy no name grocery stores…..BUMMER!

    • Sandy, what stores do you have? I can try to find matchups for you. I am always sad that we don’t have Kroger here when I see all their deals 🙂

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