How did I miss this?

June 4, 2009

Deans 2% milk is $1.99 at CVS this week.  You get $1 ECB back, making it just 99 cents!  Limit 2.  I like Deans, because their cows are not hormone-treated.

*Melissa and Sue reminded me that for about 2 more weeks, if you buy 5 gallons of milk at CVS, you’ll get one free!



  1. Kate,
    How’d you find out that dean’s is not hormone treated? That’s good to know because the ones I know are Meijer’s milk, Target Market Pantry, Oberweis and Organic milk. Thanks for the new info!

    • It says it on the label 🙂

  2. Plus after you buy 5 you’ll get one gallon free. Your CVS preferred card will keep a record of how many you have. The ‘buy 5’ sale goes for a while yet, even though the 1.99 sale ends soon. So, for example, if you buy 2 now @ 1.99 and get your $2 bucks back, you only have to buy 3 more to get a free gallon. Love CVS!

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