Walt’s Deals (6-7 thru 6-13)

June 8, 2009

Just as I was feeling totally behind in posting for this week, Jenna sent me an awesome message on facebook. She did the Walt’s deals for us this week! Thank you soooo much Jenna!

This week and next week walt’s is celebrating their 72 anniversary so the sales should be pretty decent.

Extra Lean Ground Chuck (Value Pack 3lbs or more) 1.72 lb.
Dutch Farms Jumbo Hot Dogs .72 Limit 6
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (Value Pack 3lbs. or more) 1.72 lb.
Dutch Farms Kievs .72 Limit 6

Dutch Farms Regular Shredded Cheese Mild Cheddar/Mozzarella .72 Limit 6
Dutch Farms Regular Cheese Chuncks .72 Limit 6
Centrella Cottage Cheese 24 oz. 1.72 Limit 2

Teresa Thin Crust Pizza 12 inch 1.72 Limit 6
Eggo Family Package Waffles 1.99 – need to print coupon from http://www.waltsfood.com
Jacks’ Pizza 4/$11 – I know there was an internet printable for this somewhere.

Open Pit BBQ Suace .72
Wonder Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns 8 pakc .72
Buffalo Don Water .72
General Mills Cereals (Selected Varities) 5/10
Seedless Watermelon (average at 16 lbs) 3.72 EACH
Pint Blueberries 1.72
3lb Bag Yellow Onions .72
Large Southern Peaches.72 lb.
5lb Bag Idaho Potatoes .72
Pepsi 2Ltr 10/$10
Powerade 10/$10 Buy 10 get 5 free with in store coupon



  1. be sure to get the ad too, there are other good priced items too.

    • I will… I’ve found I can get it online.  I actually stopped in today very quickly 🙂

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