KMart Double Coupon Days

June 9, 2009

For some reason, the Indiana KMarts around here never seem to participate in double coupon days. This is frustrating! Anyhoo… yesterday, Melissa and I took a drive to the Homewood KMart and scored some fabulous deals. Here they are…


Transaction #1 went like this…

5 Packs of Pull-Ups $49.95

1 Tub Huggies Wipes $2.99

1$5/50 KMart coupon

5 $2 Pull-Ups coupons that doubled to $4 each ($20)

1 75 cents off wipes coupon that doubled to $1.50

Paid $26.44 plus some tax… Got a coupon for $14 OYNO!!!  So, including tax, it was about $16 for FIVE packs of Pull-Ups AND a tub of wipes.

I actually did this transaction 3 times 🙂

Then I moved on to the cheapies & freebies…

Pretzel Flipz $1.14 minus 50 cent Q=14 cents!

2 Bic Soleil Razors with refill $2.50 each minus $2 Q each=FREE!

24 Packs Extra Gum minus 12 BOGO coupons (they doubled!)=FREE!

4 Oust Air & Surface sanitizer $3.99 minus $2 coupon each=FREE!

3 Kotex Pantiliners $1.29 each minus $1 Q and $1.50/2Q=FREE!

2 Kraft BBQ $1 minus $1 Q each=FREE!

2 Velveeta Shells & Cheese $2.50 minus $1 Q each=50 cents!

2 Kraft Deluxe $2.50 minus $1 Q each=50 cents!

2 A1 Marinade $2.99 minus $2 Q each=FREE!

2 St. Ives Apricot Scrub (for the nieces) $3.69 minus $1.50 Q each=69 cents!

1 Cover Girl Tinted Lip Balm $4.49 minus $2 Q=49 cents!

1 Max Factor Mascara $5.49 minus $2 Q=$1.49

1 Max Factor Eyelash Curler (my lashes were hitting my glasses!) $5.49 minus $2 Q=$1.49

4 French’s Mustard $1.49 minus 75 cent Q each=FREE!

1 Lipton Tea 16 pack $1.09 minus 60 cent Q=FREE!

1 Soap Saver Mesh Sponge 99 cents

The coupons I used were all printables or from recent newspapers.  All in all, I paid just over $5 for the Freebies & Cheapies, with a savings of over $120!!!  AND I got coupons for $3, $1, and $1 on my next order.  Those I can use at our KMart here.  Not a bad trip!



  1. I was wondering how do you find out when Kmart is doing their double coupon days? And also what Kmart stores do double coupon days.

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