Jewel Deals (6-11 thru 6-17)

June 12, 2009

I am going to try to explain Jewel’s deals this week to the best of my ability for you.  There is an AWESOME catalina deal running right now.  It was a great way to roll the RR from the Walgreen’s hairdryers last week!

I’ll start with some regular sales, then move on to the Catalina deals.  (For those who don’t know, a Catalina is a coupon that prints out at the register)

Sweet Baby Ray’s Dipping/Grilling Sauces… $3.99 BOGO ($1 Q from 5-10 insert=$1 when you use 2)

Cheerios 18 oz... $2.99, get $1.50 off bananas instantly when you buy 2 ($1 printable=$1.99 each, plus free bananas with 2)

Jewel Mandarin Oranges… $1.39 BOGO=70 cents each

OxiClean 6 lb Tub… $9.99 ($1 Q from recent insert=$8.99)

Ocean Spray 100% Grapefruit/Citrus Blends… $1.99 ($1 Q=99 cents)

Fisher Nuts… $3.50 ($1 Q=$2.50)

Select Mascaras/Eyeshadows, most brands… BOGO… prices will vary, but there is a $2 Max Factor coupon out there that should make for cheap mascara or eyeshadow when you use 2.

Kotex Lightdays Pantiliners… $1.00 (75 cent Q=25 cents OR $1.50/2 printable)

Oscar Meyer Lunchmeat… $3 ($1/2 Q=$2.50 each wyb 2)

There are TWO Catalina deals running right now.  The first is Proctor & Gamble products, and this one isn’t as fabulous as I would prefer, but I will cover it for you.  If you spend $25 in participating products, you will get a $7 Catalina to use on your next order (OYNO).  2 things to remember for these deals… 1. This is BEFORE coupons are taken into account. 2. The $25 is based on the price BEFORE your preferred card!  So I’m going to list the participating products with the shelf price/preferred card price.  Remember, you can calculate the $25 to get $7 back on the shelf price, but you’ll pay the lesser preferred card price!!!

Tide 150 oz. liquid or 211 oz. powder… $23.99/$18.99

Downy Ultra Fabric Softener 103 oz. liquid… $11.29/$9.99

Bounty 12 Big Roll Paper Towels… $18.99/$14.99

Charmin Ultra Soft or Strong TP 24 Big or 12 Mega… $17.99/$13.99

Bounce Fabric Softener 160 ct sheets… $7.89/$6.99

Cascade Automatic Dish Detergent… $14.49/$11.99

Iams Dry Dog Food 15.5-17.5 lb… $19.99/$17.99

Duracell 16-pk AA or AAA$9.94


Now for the biggie… Coke/General Mills/Unilever are doing a deal where if you spend $25, you get $10 back!  With coupons, that makes for supercheap and free stuff!  I did 6 transactions yesterday, which I’ll take you through, but for now, here’s what’s listed in the ad.  I’m going to list the price in the ad, but remember, you can base your $25 on the more expensive SHELF PRICE.


Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad

Betty Crocker SuperMoist Cake Mix

Betty Crocker Family Size Fudge Brownie Mix

Glaceau Vitamin Water



Gold Peak Tea


Bisquick 20 oz.

Full Throttle Energy Drinks

Betty Crocker Ready to Spread Frosting (50 cent printable here)

Ragu Pasta Sauce (There are multiple coupons out for this!)


Fiber One or Chex Bars (45 cent Fiber One printable here)

Breyer’s Ice Cream ($1/2 Q)

Snuggle Fabric Softener

Klondike Bars or Sandwiches ($1/2 Q)


Coca Cola, Diet Coke, or Dasani 6 pk 24 oz bottles

Coca Cola or Sprite 8 pk 12 oz bottles


Bertolli Premium Pasta Sauce ($1 Q)

Skippy Peanut Butter (40 cent Q)

Select General Mills Cereal ($1 Cheerio printable or $1/3 GM printable)

Green Giant Valley Fresh Vegetables

Wish-Bone Salad Dressing or Spritzers ($1 Q for Spritzers… my Jewel had the Spritzers with $2 off meat coupons when you buy 2 Spritzers!)

I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter, Promis, or Brummel & Brown


Nestea 12 pk

Powerade 8 pk

Dasani 24 pk

All Laundry Detergent ($1 Q here)


Chex Mix (50 cent  printable)



Yoplait Go-Gurt (80 cents/2 or 40 cent Q printable)

Yoplait Kids, Trix or Drinkable Yogurt

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, Fruit Roll Ups, Fruit by the Foot or Gushers (50 cents/2 printable)


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