PayLow Again!

June 16, 2009

Okay, this sale might just be enough to get me to drive out to the new PayLow!  These deals are effective June 17 thru 23, and they have some really good bargains!

73% lean ground beef (in family packs of 4 lbs+)… 98 cents/lb!!!!!

Tide 2x liquid… 2/$8.88, limit 2, with add. $10 purchase (35 cent Q in P&G brandsaver=$4.09, which is higher than my target price for Tide, but there haven’t been too many fabulous deals on Tide recently, so if you are a Tide user, it’s decent)

Old Orchard Apple Juice Blends… $2.19, Buy 1, get 2 Free=73 cents each

Dutch Farms or Rose Acre Med. Eggs Dozen… 2/88 cents!

Dutch Farms Butter… $1.38

Campbell’s Pork & Beans… 4/88 cents

Johnsonville Sausage Grill Links… 2/$5, limit 2

Baby Back Ribs… $2.98/lb

5 lb. bag Idaho Potatoes… 78 cents

Fair Oaks Farm Milk… $1.98

Watermelon… $2.88 each, limit 2

Propel or Gatorade or G2 24 or 32 oz… 68 cents

Minute Maid Fruit Punch or Lemonade… 78 cents

Kellogg’s PopTarts or Cereal… $1.43!!! (55 cent PopTart Q=88 cents, $1 Kellogg’s cereal Q from recent inserts=43 cents!!!!)

Golden Guernsey Milk… $1.48 with in-store Q and $10 purchase

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ… 49 cents with in-store Q and $10 purchase

Philly Cream Cheese… 98 cents (anyone still have those $1/2 Qs?  I do!)

Dannon Yogurt or Drinks 4 or 6 ct… $1.98 ($1 Q from recent insert=98 cents)

Dutch Farms Chunk Cheese… $1.25

Boneless Skinless Perdue Chicken Breasts (Value Pack)… $1.98

Chicken of the Sea Tuna… 78 cents (Not the best value ever, but I make my shopping list from the website, so I have to add it 🙂

Nature’s Pride 100% or Honey Wheat… $1.38


One comment

  1. wow, that is some amazing deals. I am headed out to the mall tomorrow, I might have to stop there and pick up a few things. hm. . .

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