Save Money AND Be Environmentally Responsible!

June 16, 2009

When my first child entered school last year, I couldn’t quite come to terms with the waste (physically & financially) of school lunch-making.  After hearing the term “bento box” from a friend, I began searching the web.  I came across something called the Laptop Lunchbox.  Here is a picture of it filled with a lunch…


Then you close the top, and it is flush to the top of the little containers, so there is no spillage…



You can buy an insulated bag from the company, but it fits in a standard rectangular lunch”box”.  I got mine at Target.  On clearance of course 🙂


I then put an icepack, his snack container, and a juicebox or rectangular water bottle in there and zip it up.



Minimal waste, and I don’t have to buy bags.  In the long-run, big savings!

The outside container plus insides is $22.99, although if you buy them separately, the pink is $3 cheaper right now.  I get an extra set of inside containers so I don’t have to wash them every day.  AND there is a 20% off code right now.  Type in ideal55 for 20% off your order.

Check it out  here


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