Jewel Deals (6-25 thru 7-1)

June 25, 2009

There are some pretty decent deals this week at Jewel, but nothing compared to the last few weeks!

Grapes… $1.28/lb

Strawberries… $1.48

Softsoap handsoap… 10/$10, save $1 instantly wyb 10

Rubbermaid Produce Savers… 25% off ($1 Q from recent insert=CHEAP)

Select Ice Cream Products have a Catalina deal of $4 off your next order wyb 4:

Edy’s Ice Cream… $3

Drumsticks… $2.49

Eskimo Pie… $3

Edy’s Fruit or Smoothie Bars… $3 ($1/2 coupon=$1.50 each wyb 4)

Haagen Daz… $3 (was there a coupon out for this?)

Push-Ups… $3

Skinny Cow Snacks… $3.99

Edy’s Mini Fruit Bars… $3.99 ($1/2=$2.49 each wyb4… I REALLY like these, as they are pretty natural and they are just the right size for little ones.  And they retail for over $7 per box!)

*I noticed that Jennie-O Turkey Breast was lowered to the regular price of $1.99/lb.  That’s a pretty good price for lunchmeat.


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