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Oh how I LOVE my Meijer!

July 29, 2009

I had a little wiggle room in the grocery budget, seeing as how this is the end of the month, so here’s what I got for $41.09 this week at Meijer…


Anything that was $1 was part of the 10 for $10 with the 11th free deal, so 3 of those items were FREE, for an extra $3 off the order.

2 CoffeeMate Creamers… $1

2 lbs Onions… $1.99

Chocolate Milk… $3.29

Carrots… $1.25

2 Honey Nut Cheerio Cups… $1 each (2 $1 printables=FREE)

Electrasol… $3.50 with rain check ($2.50 Q=$2.50)

2 Pillsbury Grands Biscuits… $1 each (35 cent Qs=65 cents each)

2 Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter… $1 each (50 cent Q and 55 cent Q=50 and 45 cents)

13 Dole Mandarin Oranges… $1 each ($3.10 in coupons=$9.90 for 13)

2 1lb tube Ground Turkey… $1 each

Aunt Millies Wheat Bread… $1 (35 cent Q=65 cents)

4 Aunt Millies Hamburger Buns… $1 each (35 cent Qs=65 cents each)

5 Old Orchard 100% Juice Concentrates… $1 each (2 $2 Qs=$3 for 5)

10 ears corn… $2.50

2 Jack’s Pizza… $2.50 each

2 Wheat Thins… $2.50 each ($1 Qs=$1.50 each)

2 Plantars 16 oz Peanuts… $2.99 each (1 FREE for buying 2 Nabisco snack crackers, plus $1.50 off 2 Plantar’s coupon=$1.49 for both!)

After this transaction, I got 4 75 cents off your next order coupons from Dole, plus $1.50 off 3 General Mills Cereal and an ad saying if I bought 3 General Mills Cereals, I’d get a coupon for a FREE gallon of milk! (Wish I had that one for the chocolate milk!)

Soooo… I went back and got 3 boxes of Lucky Charms… $1.99 each ($1.50/3 Q PLUS 4 75 cents coupons=$1.47 for all)

The milk Catalina printed out, and I immediately used it to get a free gallon of milk.  Yippee!


School Supply Deal Alert

July 25, 2009

I could never find the plastic folders on sale last year!  This week (starting tomorrow) at Walgreens, I believe they are 3/$1!  Awesome stocking up price!


Some great Jewel deals

July 24, 2009

Here are a few very simple transactions you can do at Jewel this week.

Buy 5 boxes of Cheez-Its… Spend $15, get $10 OYNO

Buy 5 boxes of E.L. Fudge, Chips Deluxe or Fudge Shop Cookies… Spend$12.50, get $10 OYNO


You can roll these into the next deal and keep doing it over and over again!  Just make sure your next 5 are in a new transaction.  To make this deal even better, go here to print coupons for Fudge Shop or Cheez-its.


Another good deal is Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, Gushers and Fruit Roll-Ups… Buy them in increments of 4, and they are 99 cents per box!  (I checked the boxes, and they are healthier AND you get more in a box than the Jewel brand that are the same price)


If you want the full Jewel match-ups this week, check it out here.


Meijer Deals (7-19 thru 7-26)

July 22, 2009

Toooo busy!  Sorry for the lack of keeping up, but it is the summer!  I figure that Meijer is all over the web, so I’ll try to keep up on the local ones for you guys.  For now, this is the post I like on Meijer.  Just remember, her store doubles coupons.  Ours here don’t!


Jewel FREEbies!

July 22, 2009


Did you know that Jewel/Osco has a policy that if an item rings up incorrect, you get one of that item for FREE!  I have taken advantage of this in the past to get FREE diapers and other items.  Well today, I picked out 2 lunch bags for my kids that were clearly marked $5.99, but they rang up $6.74.  I mentioned the policy and got one bag for FREE!  They price adjusted the other to the correct price of $5.99.  Don’t forget to watch your prices at Jewel!


Coupon Handbook Series Post 2

July 17, 2009

Coupon Sources:

  • Newspaper Inserts: This is the best source.  Don’t forget to ask friends and family members for their unused coupon inserts!
  • Internet Printables: Found on coupon websites, blogs, manufacturer sites, etc.
  • In stores: Check for coupon inserts by customer service desks, sales flyers or pharmacy counters.
  • Tearpads: Found near products in the aisles.  Grab a few coupons for a future sale if it isn’t on sale now!
  • Coupon Exchanges: Trade coupons with friends or find a coupon exchange online.

About the newspaper subscription…

Yes!  You DO need a newspaper subscription (or two!)  It’s cheap, and it’s totally worth it!  Here’s the kicker… not all newspaper coupon inserts are created equal!  If you are in the Chicagoland area, get the Chicago Tribune.  It has the best and the most coupons BY FAR!  A Three-day subscription can be just 50 cents a week with the proper coupon code!  For some reason, just the Sunday paper costs more.  Plus, I got a $25 gift certificate just for registering my subscription online!

If there is a fabulous coupon in the paper, or several coupons that you know you’ll use, go ahead and buy a few more copies of the paper that week.  It’s a small investment for a big return.

To get the Sunday Tribune for 50 cents per week, enter the coupon code 09JE at checkout


Jewel Deals 7-16 thru 7-22)

July 16, 2009


Jewel Natural Chunk or Shredded Cheese… 99 cents

Shopper’s Value Ice Cream… 99 cents

Jewel Cereal… 99 cents


Kashi Heart to Heart or GoLean Crunch Cereal… $2.50 ($1.50 Kashi coupon when you sign up here=1.00!  If you won’t use this coupon, print it twice anyways… I’ll take it!)

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls, or Biscuits… $1.00 ($1/3 Q from recent newspaper=67 cents)

DanActive or Activia 4-pack… $2 ($1 Q from newspaper=$1)

Breyer’s Ice Cream… $6.79? BOGO ($1/2 Breyer’s Products printable)

Kellogg’s Cereal, PopTarts, NutriGrain, Special K Bars, FiberPlus Bars, Cinnabon Bars, or Rice Krispie Treats… $1.50 each wyb 5 (various coupons for this expire 7/19… also good to use for Kellogg’s Fuel For School $10 Rebate wyb 10 Kellogg’s in one transaction)

Haagen-Dazs 4 oz mini cups… 99 cents ($1/3  printable=66 cents each wyb 3)