The freebies are back! The freebies are back!

July 5, 2009


This morning, I ran out to CVS & Walgreens for some freebies & cheapies.  It seems like it’s been quite some time since there were any good freebies at the drugstores.  Here’s what I did…


Transaction #1

3 2-packs Reach Toothbrushes $9 (minus 3 $2 Reach Toothbrush coupons)

2 Starbucks Ice Cream BOGO $4.79 (minus 2 $2 Starbucks IC coupons)

Paid: $3.79 plus tax, got $3 Register Reward for the toothbrushes!

Transaction #2:

1 2-pack Reach Toothbrushes $3 (minus $2 Reach toothbrush coupon)

2 Reach UltraClean Floss $6 (minus 2 $2 printables)

Paid $3 plus tax oop, got $3 Register Reward!


2 CVS-brand 10-pk pencils $1.98 (got $1.98 back in ECBs!)

1 CVS-brand pencil sharpener 99 cents (got 99 cents back in ECBs!)

2 CVS-brand invisible tape $4.47 (got $4.47 back in ECBs!)

1 22-count CVS pantiliners 89 cents (got 89 cents back in  ECBs!)

2 Dawn detergent $2 (used 2 50 cents Qs, got $1 back in ECBs!)

2 Head & Shoulders shampoo $9.98 (used BOGO Q for $4.99, got back $4 in ECBs!)

Paid: $14.50 in ECBs and 23 cents OOP, got back $13.33 ECBs!!!


*The pencils/pencil sharpeners are free after ECBs at CVS SUNDAY & MONDAY ONLY.  If you won’t use all of them for yourself, PLEASE still get them!  You can give them to me or bring them to church in a few weeks (if you attend Faith) to have them donated to the Children’s Hunger Fund.  They are collecting school supplies to pass out in the Dominican Republic, and these FREE pencils would be a great help!

*The Walgreens Reach/Listerine deal runs all month.  It includes Reach UltraClean toothbrushes, Reach UltraClean floss, Reach 2-packs of toothbrushes, and Listerine mouthwash.  Each are 3 for $9.  When you buy 3, you get $3 RRs.  Use 3 $2 Qs from the paper or from here to get these items FREE!  Just remember, if you do more than one transaction, do not use the RR to pay for the next transaction, or a new one will not print.


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