Welcome Faith Church!

July 5, 2009

If you found me through “In the Loop” welcome!  My site is a very simple, very local site to help my friends and family save money like I do.  Each week, I try to cover the best deals at Meijer & Jewel, as well as sometimes Stracks, Walt’s, and occasionally Pay/Low.  Drop me a comment to let me know you’re here!  Here are a few posts to jump to to help you get started…

ChicagoTribune Subscription

Earn prizes for online searches at Swagbucks

Find out where to get great coupons online


One comment

  1. Kate – Good job with the freebies!

    Ive gotten so many freebies/groceries really cheap that Sam & I have been giving bags of groceries away. I just used my last $10 Jewel catalina yesterday & got some sweet corn to take to a picnic today & other things to make a meal to take to a couple from church yesterday. This is truly a ministry in itself. I know that we will be donating a lot to the “Faith Family Market”.

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