Meijer Deals (7-5 thru 7-11)

July 6, 2009

Here’s what I see at Meijer this week…

Blueberries… $1.50

Grapes… $1.18/lb

Special K Cereal/Cereal Bars… $2.50 ($1 Qs somewhere?  Buy 2 Special K Cereal/Cereal Bars, get a free Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt… includes tubs and multi-packs!)

Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs… $1.25 ($1/2 Q from recent paper=75 cents)

24 pack Meijer Water Bottles… $2.50

Meijer Shredded Cheese… $1.25

Meijer Pasta… 50 cents (great for the Faith food pantry!)

Meijer Lean Entrees or Lean Pizza… 6 for $10 (buy 6, get 2 free!)

Meijer Mac & Cheese… 40 cents (I’ve seen it cheaper, but this is a pretty great price.  In my opinion, Meijer brand rivals Kraft!)

1 lb Meijer Butter… $1.79

10 for $10, get the 11th free:

I like these deals better when it isn’t all Meijer brand, because then we can use coupons to make it a sweeter deal!

Meijer Pasta Sauce

Meijer Facial Tissues

Meijer Salad Dressing

Meijer Croutons

Meijer Olives

Meijer Solid White Tuna in Water

Meijer BBQ Sauce

Meijer Soft Cookies

Meijer Microwave Popcorn

Meijer Pretzels

Meijer Foam Plates

Meijer English Muffins

Meijer Skillet Basics

Meijer Potatoes

Meijer Liquid Dish Soap

Meijer Frozen Veggies

Meijer Refrigerated Biscuits or Cinnamon Rolls

Meijer Frosting, Pound Cake or Brownie Mix

Meijer Paper Towels

Meijer Sugar Cones

Meijer Fruit Snacks

Meijer Chocolate Syrup

Meijer Pizza Rolls or Bagel Pizzas

Meijer Ground Turkey 1 lb

Meijer Heat & Serve Sausage

M Plastic Forks, Spoons or Combo



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