A Little Series

July 15, 2009

Based on a few suggestions/requests, I’m going to run a series of posts from my handbook.  Back to the basics!

How should I organize my coupons?

There are a few different options for organizing coupons, and ultimately, the decision is up to you to decide what works best for you.  I will give an overview of some of the more popular systems:

  • Coupon File: This is just a small coupon organizer that can be purchased at any grocery store/WalMart/Target type store for about $3.  There are several sections to divide coupons into after you’ve clipped them.
  • Insert File: Some people prefer not to clip all the coupons as they arrive, but rather write the date on the front of the inserts with a marker and store them as a complete insert in a file box.  Most websites that match a sale to a coupon will tell which insert the coupon was in, so you can then go clip the coupon you intend to use.
  • Here’s how I do it: I don’t like to file the inserts, because I find that I might find a hidden sale or clearance and then not have the coupon with me.  I use a coupon filer that I keep in my purse.  I keep high value coupons and things we use regularly in there.  However, I tend to have way more coupons than will fit in there, so I have a photo box that has many zipper bags to organize the coupons that I will only use if I have planned the deal in advance, such as most toiletries, household, medicines, etc.  Try to be as specific as possible so it’s easier to find them when you need them!

One comment

  1. Love your site – checking it out about every other week. Attended one of your parties a few months ago as a guest of a guest and you have changed the way I shop and the way I look at money. So much so, that the hubbie now and then whispers to me, “intervention.” Thank you!

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