Jewel FREEbies!

July 22, 2009


Did you know that Jewel/Osco has a policy that if an item rings up incorrect, you get one of that item for FREE!  I have taken advantage of this in the past to get FREE diapers and other items.  Well today, I picked out 2 lunch bags for my kids that were clearly marked $5.99, but they rang up $6.74.  I mentioned the policy and got one bag for FREE!  They price adjusted the other to the correct price of $5.99.  Don’t forget to watch your prices at Jewel!



  1. Yes, I know that. I use to work there & they would always tell us not to give it for free unless the customer asked. It use to be where you got all items free if they scanned wrong of the same item but they finally became smart. I would get so many things free!!! And still do!!

    • Yes, I thought about pointing out that they were two DIFFERENT lunchboxes, but didn’t have time to deal with it 🙂

  2. I had no idea! Thanks for letting me know!

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