Walt’s Deals (8-3 thru 8-9)

August 4, 2009

I’m blogging from a laptop, so I won’t be using the “bold” function today… too much of a pain 🙂

Yoplait Yogurt… 40 cents each (multiple coupons out for this)

Raspberries… 99 cents

Bartlett Pears… 79 cents/lb

Cantaloupe… 99 cents

Grapes… $1.39/lb

Kellogg’s Cereal/Bars & Keebler Cookies… $2 each (numerous newspaper coupons for these, and if you buy 10 in one transaction, you can submit for the $10 Kellogg’s Fuel For School Rebate.  The form is right in the Walt’s ad!)

Koepplinger’s All-Natural Bread… 99 cents (I like this because not only do they have 100% whole wheat, but it is also no high-fructose corn syrup)

Crystal Geyser 24-pk Water… $2.67


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