Did you know?

August 23, 2009

Did you know that at Jewel, Meijer, and many other stores, you can take your receipt back with your coupons and they will pay you for the coupons?  So take advantage of the great deal, even if you forgot your coupons (gasp!) and you can still redeem the coupons!  The time limit at Jewel is 60 days.  Tomorrow, I’ll be bringing several receipts and getting back almost $30 from my coupons!!!



  1. I understand that Meijer has a new policy that will not allow this – you have to do it at the register right after you checked out if you forget to give them to the cashier – I have not verfied this though – just read about it. FYI about Meijer.

  2. Kate,
    I didn’t know that. Thanks for the Info.


  3. I totally forgot my coupons at meijer last week monday. The woman at the customer service desk told me that they were getting a new system that wouldn’t allow you to bring coupons back in. I told her that I wasn’t going to do my grocery shopping then because I lived 30 minutes away and I wasn’t leaving and coming back. The manager said during my next shopping trip they would redeem my coupons. HOpefully they will, I have $17 worth.

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