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Some GREAT Meijer deals!

September 22, 2009

If you want the full rundown, check it out here.  But here are MY faves of the week!

Del Monte canned veggies… 69 cents ($1/3 Mealbox Q PLUS $1/5  printable or from this week’s paper… best deal is to buy 15, use 5 Mealbox Qs plus 3 manufacturer Qs= less than 16 cents each!  Even with just the Mealbox Qs, it’s under 36 cents each… better than ALDI.  I’m stocking up bigtime!)

Nabisco 100-Calorie Packs… $2.79 (Cracker varieties are ringing up $2.50 at my Meijer)  ($1 Mealbox Qs, PLUS wyb 5, you get $5 off instantly… buy 5, use 5 $1 Qs, pay just 50-79 cents per box!!!  Even better if you have $1/2 or 75 cents off 2 coupons!  I was getting 5 boxes for 50 cents TOTAL with them!)

Healthy Choice Frozen Meals… $1.99 ($2 printable=FREE!)

There are a few more deals, but these are my faves!

See ya… I’m off to Meijer!!!


My Meijer Deals!

September 16, 2009



Here’s what I did this week at Meijer… I spent just over $3 on all of this!  YES!  That’s not a typo… $3!!!

I did the Nabisco/Kraft rebate again.  This time I did it for the food pantry, and will have the rebate sent through for them.  It went like this…

5 Kraft Easy Mac… $5 ($1/5 Q plus $2/4 Mealbox Q)

5 Kool-Aid Jammers 10-packs… $8.45 – $5 wyb 5=$3.45 (50 cent Q=$2.95 TOTAL!)

5 Nabisco 100-cal packs… $13.45 – $5 wyb 5=$8.45 (2 $1/2 Qs plus 5 $1 Mealbox Qs=$1.45 TOTAL!)

5 Nabisco 100-cal packs… $13.45 – $5 wyb 5=$8.45 (2 75 cents/2 Qs plus 5 $1 Mealbox Qs=$1.95 TOTAL)

I did the above in 3 transactions, because you could only get one $5 wyb 5 discount per transaction.  All in all, I spent $8.35 on the above & will submit for a $20 rebate!  The overage there helped pay for the rest…

6 Ken’s Salad Dressings… 99 cents each (6 $1 Qs adjusted down to 99 cents=FREE!)

2 18 oz Quaker Oats… $1.49 each ($1.25/2 Q plus $1/2 Mealbox Q=36 cents each!)

5 Quaker Rice Quakes… $1 each ($1/5 Mealbox Q=80 cents each)

4 29 oz. Libby’s Pumpkin… $2.29 each ($1/4 Mealbox Q= $2.04 each plus a coupon for free eggs OYNO)

Dozen Eggs… 98 cents (FREE Q from pumpkin)

2 La Victoria Salsa… $2.50 each ($4/2 Q=50 cents each)

Beechnut Homestlye Stage 3 Fruit… 68 cents (FREE coupon… hey, it’s fruit… I can give it to a kid 🙂

Meijer 16 oz. Cottage Cheese… $1

Bananas… $1

Meijer Aluminum Foil… $2.50  (It was FULL PRICE!  But I needed it)

Spent $23.16 oop, will send for $20 rebate for a Net price of $3.16 and a savings of WELL over $100!


I know some of you wonder…

September 9, 2009

I just reorganized my stockpile, so I thought I’d show you.  This is just food.  Toiletries and household goods have other spots.  And I do have a large pantry uptairs.  Forgive the angle.  My stockpile is in what we call “the tunnel”.  It’s a narrow hallway of shelving on either side (thanks Dante!), so I can’t get a straight-on angle that would include more than a few boxes of cereal.





My Meijer Deals

September 9, 2009


I will admit… I did 5 transactions at Meijer this morning!  The self-check lady has become my friend.  She is really nice and calls herself “Twinkle Fingers” because she’s speedy with the coupons 🙂

Here are some of the better deals I did…

Nature’s Source Glass & Bathroom Cleaner… $2.50 each ($1 Q peelie ON the bottle PLUS 50 cent Mealbox Q=$1 each… get back $2 OYNO wyb 2=FREE cleaner!)  The food pantry needs cleaning supplies right now, which is why I did 5 transactions of this 🙂

Simply Cookies… $1.99 each (2 $1.25 printables and 2 $1 printables Buying 6 Pillsbury refrigerated in one transaction gave me $2 OYNO AND for every 2 Simply Cookies, I got $1 off milk.  I paid $6.40 for 4 cookie packs, 2 pie crusts, and 2 gallons of milk!)

Nabisco Back to School Rebate

 Easy Mac… $5 ($1 Q from tearpad at Jewel plus $2/4 Mealbox Q=2)

4 Capri-Sun 100% juice packs… 11.12 (2 $2/4 Mealbox Qs plus $2 OYNO)

2 Kool-Aid Jammers… $3.38 ($1/2 Meijer Q from Back to School book=2.38)

9 Triscuits/Wheat Thins & 1 Teddy Grahams… 18.49 (5 $1/2 Nabisco crackers plus 3 $1/3 Mealbox Qs=10.49)

Paid $19.99, submitting for $20 rebate 🙂


The olives and lightbulbs were included in the 10 for 10 with the 11th free, and the eggs & bananas are just staples 🙂


FREE Veggies!

September 9, 2009

Today and Tomorrow ONLY at Jewel…

Buy 10 Green Giant frozen boxed veggies

Spend $10

Get $8 OYNO

Add in some printable Qs to make them FREE… here here and here

Then do another transaction with 10 more and use those $8 Qs to get MORE!

I only had room in my freezer for 20, but it was killing me to stop there!


Cheap Hair Stuff

September 4, 2009



This week, Walgreens has Scunci hair accessories for 99 cents!  Pick any Scunci accessory $3.99 and under, and have the checker scan the in-ad scunci coupon.  Great deal!


Cheap Soup!

September 4, 2009

Just this week I noticed that we were down to the last can of soup from last winter’s stockpile.  And voila!  A soup deal!  Here’s a simple deal to do at Jewel now through next Wednesday…

Buy 7 cans Progresso soup (make SURE they ring up at $2.87 before preferred card… the vegetable soup rang up too cheap)

Use 2 $1.10 off 3 or $1.00 off 3 Qs, available here or here

Pay $9.47 oop (assuming you use the $1.10 coupons), get back $5 OYNO

Total of 64 cents per can!
To be sure you hit the $20 to trigger the catalina, be sure to scan your soup first, watch to see that the total hits $20, THEN scan your preferred card!