Some GREAT Meijer deals!

September 22, 2009

If you want the full rundown, check it out here.  But here are MY faves of the week!

Del Monte canned veggies… 69 cents ($1/3 Mealbox Q PLUS $1/5  printable or from this week’s paper… best deal is to buy 15, use 5 Mealbox Qs plus 3 manufacturer Qs= less than 16 cents each!  Even with just the Mealbox Qs, it’s under 36 cents each… better than ALDI.  I’m stocking up bigtime!)

Nabisco 100-Calorie Packs… $2.79 (Cracker varieties are ringing up $2.50 at my Meijer)  ($1 Mealbox Qs, PLUS wyb 5, you get $5 off instantly… buy 5, use 5 $1 Qs, pay just 50-79 cents per box!!!  Even better if you have $1/2 or 75 cents off 2 coupons!  I was getting 5 boxes for 50 cents TOTAL with them!)

Healthy Choice Frozen Meals… $1.99 ($2 printable=FREE!)

There are a few more deals, but these are my faves!

See ya… I’m off to Meijer!!!



  1. Went to Meijer (Highland on 41) today and got the Nabisco 100 Cal boxes for 50 cents each. They’ve reduced to 2.50 (probably a price match?) with the 1.00 off each wyb 5 and the Mealbox 1.00 of each coupons!

    I’d go back for more if I was going over there today, but probably not! Just thought I’d share that!

    • I found that the cracker varieties were $2.50 and the cookies were $2.79. I had manufacturer coupons too. Bought 65 boxes 🙂

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