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KMart’s Double Coupon Days

August 17, 2009

I was off bright and early this morning to KMart’s Double Coupon Days!  Thanks to my parents for babysitting!  Anyhoo, since I’m at my parent’s, I can’t do a picture, but I’ll give you the idea, then send you to some websites for some great match-ups.  First, let me tell you NWI people, you have to head to Homewood or Lansing to partake.  But it’s usually worth it!

I spent $62, and saved $211.  Usually, I try to stick to freebies and super-cheapies only, but I needed diapers, so that total included 5 packs of diapers, 4 tubs of wipes, 2 $9 Star Wars toys, and LOTS and LOTS more stuff!

Highlights… after a few of my transactions, I got coupons on my receipt… one was for $5 off any $5 purchase, and one was for $3 off any $3 purchase.  I used each of those on a Star Wars Action Figure.  We wanted to get some for Trey for Christmas, only they NEVER go on sale or have a coupon, so this was the perfect opportunity to get them a little cheaper.  I also got one coupon for $5 off any health, beauty, food or consumable purchase.  I got a pack of Pull-Ups for $9.99, gave them a $2 Q that doubled to $4, then the $5 Q and spent $1.22 on that pack of Pull-Ups!

Freebies included toilet cleaner, deodorant, shampoo, wipes, tuna, pantiliners, and MUCH MORE!

Here are some sites to give you a start on your list…